Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kensington Bluetooth Stereo Headset (K33436US)

- I picked these up from for $25 shipped from
- Charges using standard mini usb.
- Dedicated slider on/off power switch.
- Controls are nice and big and easy to use.
- Sound quality is pretty good though again treble is a bit muted like most a2db headphones. It sounds almost identical to the sony ones.
- Good volume.
- Range seems fine.
- Battery life is good and easily lasts a full day of listening.
- I haven't tried any voice calls yet so I can't speak of the mic.
- I'm using it with my iPhone and the maxfun transmitter. It paired just fine.
- They are a bit uncomfortable over long periods of time. I'm fine for a couple of hours but after that the pressure gets to me. It really depends if you like the behind the ear style or not. For me it squeezes my head a bit too much.

I'm very picky about how headphones feel since I typically will wear them 6+ hrs a day while at work. I'm still seeing if I can get use to them or if they will stretch out a bit. Overall, it's a quality headset and a very good price if you find them comfortable to wear.


Anonymous said...

I've been using JayBird iphone bluetooth headphones for a while and loving them. I had an S9 before that and have also tried the Plantronics Voyager. I found the JayBird is the better of the 3 for work outs cause they stay on so well. They're also a good small size which I like. This look good for the price but a bit uncomfortable

ARogan said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely take a look.

Unknown said...

Just got mine, are you able to control the music with the external controls (play/pause, forward, reverse, etc.)? Can't seem to get it to work. Otherwise there pretty good in the hour I've had to play with them.

ARogan said...

Brian, if you are talking about using it with iphone 3.0 OS nobody can. That would be because apple did a half ass job of implementing AVRCP. A2DP is fine, AVRCP which is the remote control part they only did play/pause.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the controls do not work with the current iphone OS, but are the volume controls supposed to work?

ARogan said...

Yes, volume works fine on all the bluetooth stereo headsets I've tested including these.