Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kensington Bluetooth Stereo Headset (K33436US)

- I picked these up from for $25 shipped from
- Charges using standard mini usb.
- Dedicated slider on/off power switch.
- Controls are nice and big and easy to use.
- Sound quality is pretty good though again treble is a bit muted like most a2db headphones. It sounds almost identical to the sony ones.
- Good volume.
- Range seems fine.
- Battery life is good and easily lasts a full day of listening.
- I haven't tried any voice calls yet so I can't speak of the mic.
- I'm using it with my iPhone and the maxfun transmitter. It paired just fine.
- They are a bit uncomfortable over long periods of time. I'm fine for a couple of hours but after that the pressure gets to me. It really depends if you like the behind the ear style or not. For me it squeezes my head a bit too much.

I'm very picky about how headphones feel since I typically will wear them 6+ hrs a day while at work. I'm still seeing if I can get use to them or if they will stretch out a bit. Overall, it's a quality headset and a very good price if you find them comfortable to wear.

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