Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maxfun MX-BT30 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

- Picked it up for around $25 shipped from this amazon seller. Sometimes these go on sale at too for about the same price.
- UPDATE: They seem harder to find now. You can get them from ebay though for around $30 shipped (I bought a second pair from the seller: ship4free).
- has proper a2db BT profile support.
- Includes a nice BT transmitter with a standard 1/8" mini headphone plug (nice and universal so it will work with my sansa e280 too) for devices that don't have bluetooth or don't support a2db (like the iphone 3g).
- It has a microphone so you can make calls.
- Sound quality was a lot better than I expected for $25. It actually had a pretty decent amount of bass.
- Headphones are very light and quite comfortable. I haven't used them for a long stretch of time yet.
- Charge using standard mini usb (cables included). Initial charge was about 4 hrs. Manual states battery lasts for 10 hrs.
- Range is ok. Just stay in the same room. If you put a wall between the headphones and the transmitter it will cut out.
- There is just a very tiny bit of delay in the audio. I was watching video podcasts on the iphone with these and the audio seemed just the tiniest bit out of sync though hardly noticeable, and it really didn't bother me that much.
- The pouch only has a single magnetic clasp in the middle. I kind of wish it was a zipper or something.

Highly recommended. It's an incredible value at $25 compared to other options. Sure they aren't the best but quite impressive at this price point.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was thinking about getting this and modding it with an earphone port directly on the earphone so I can plug it into my stereo. Do you think this is possible?

Anonymous said...

I am having a lot of trouble trying to pair these headphones with my macbook. Any suggestions???

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