Tuesday, November 17, 2020

New Consoles - Xbox Series X, PS 5, Nintendo Game & Watch


Xbox Series X - Arguably the most powerful console well at least on paper anyways.  Feels fast, polished, complete, finished.  Seems very stable.  Silent.  Nothing really to play since it really doesn't have any big exclusives since Halo got pushed back to next year.  Amazing backwards compatibility.  Game pass is probably the best value in gaming right now (netflix of gaming).

Playstation 5 - A behemoth!  Also fast and silent.  Less ssd space (667 gb usable).  Buggy, rushed, unfinished.  Currently it is recommended you do NOT use an external hdd and also disable rest mode.  I had one power shutdown the first night when I had my external hdd connected.  It actually has good exclusives like Spider-Man (performance mode FTW), Demon Souls remake, and Astro's playroom which is free and really really good.  Amazing haptics on the controller that feels truly next gen.  Hand candy!  Badly needs a firmware update to fix issues.

Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros - Nintendo doing its own thing.  It's my favorite desk clock.  Cool easter eggs.