Thursday, May 24, 2018

iPhone 7 plus Mount for Honda Civic Si 2018

Lots more photos:

Items used:
Amazon Basics Case for iPhone 7 plus
TechMatte CD Car Mount

That's all you really need for a basic magnetic mount.  Use the big square metal plate and put it inside the case.  See this post for more info.  I didn't think the CAW CAR was needed.  It worked just fine with just the TechMatte.

More advanced with wireless charging:
Wireless Charging Receiver Module
Renbon Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount

So the nice thing about the wireless car charger mount is it comes with a metal ring that you can mount inside your case around the wireless charging receiver module.  It also comes with an optional sticky base mount.  So what I did was take the round metal plate from the TechMatte, peal off the back end to expose the adhesive, do the same on the bottom of the Renbon base, and stick the round metal plate to the base.  What I've done now is created a nice metal base plate for the Renbon base.  Now I just stick the Renbon base to the TechMatte magnetically.  NOTHING PERMANENT!  Nothing sticking to the car.  Easy to remove.  Doesn't directly block my vents and covers less of the screen and is nicely in view at a good angle.

So it's techmatte wedged behind the infotainment screen, then the Renbon base has a metal plate stuck to the bottom and is magnetically attached to the techmatte, the renbon charger is then clipped to the base.  It works pretty well but there are some things I don't like about it.  The whole thing seems to be pretty sturdy and the phone or the mounts won't come flying off even with spirited driving and you can wireless charge while it is mounted BUT the whole thing shakes a bit more than I like.  The ball and socket on the Renbon doesn't have enough friction.  The Rebon clip sometimes starts to work its way out of the base.  Sometimes (but not often) you have to unplug and replug the renbon to get it charging again.  It's not easy to gain back access to the lightening port so that means no easy car play.  I use an anker wireless charging pad and stand in the house and those work fine with the wireless charging receiver module.

All in all I'm not sure it's worth converting an older iPhone like mine to have wireless charging.  It will be much better when I get a new phone later this fall with built in wireless charging.  So for now I think just having the techmatte mount is definitely worth getting.