Saturday, August 18, 2007

Razer Pro Tone m100 Headphones

- $15 + $5 shipping from
- These are the first in ear headphones I've used. It comes with 3 sizes (very easy to swap out the the different sizes). I like the medium size which is the default size installed.
- It really blocks out all outside noise. It's like wearing ear plugs so sounds you make (like your jaw, teeth, breathing) seem amplified. It's fine but it takes a bit of getting use to.
- Comfort seems pretty good and they fit well and don't move once you get them into your ear.
- Sound is quite a bit better than the cheap sony ones I usually use. There is a lot more bass. I tested it with some mp3's on my rio forge.
- Nice carrying case and the jet set adapter is worth a few bucks right there.

Overall a great value at $20. I'm sure there are better headphones out there but probably not at $20.

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