Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bioshock (XBOX 360)


- about 4 hrs into it. Playing it nice and slowly trying to explorer everything and search all objects. You get rewarded with quite a few tonics and plasmids. Just killed the second Big Daddy.
- Make sure you use your map often and explorer every grey area.
- save anytime anywhere, change difficulty level at anytime (seems to mostly impact damage given and damage taken). I've been playing it on easy and some medium.
- Near zero death penalty. You just respawn at the nearest vital chamber.
- Context sensitive help system if you want to use it, clear goals, goal arrow marker...with all that you'll never be lost or confused what you are suppose to do next.
- This game is very accessible yet pretty deep with awesome pacing.
- Hack EVERYTHING!!!! Remember electricity and machines don't mix. Get some good hacking tonics to help you out with the harder hacks.
- Ammo starts to get a bit more plentiful in the second level.
- Voice acting is great.
- I actually felt bad about killing the Big Daddy after hearing the little sister ask what's wrong Mr. Bubbles and start crying.
You can harvest(kill) the little sisters for 160 adam or free/cure them but get only 80. I saved before deciding and tried both ways. Yeah I feel too bad killing them so I'm going to go the cure route.
- Subtitles are out of sync with the dialog.
- I can't figure out how to see what tonics I have currently equipped. Can this only be done at a gene bank(which I haven't found one yet)?
- the plasmid powers are a lot of fun.

This is easily my favorite game this year so far. No game has pulled me in like this in a LONG time.
Highly recommended, must buy, must play, must finish.

UPDATE: 9/12/07
- Wow this was an extremely long game for a shooter. If you take your time and explorer every inch of the maps, finding every audio diary, plasmid, and tonic this game can easily take 25-30hrs.
- After the big twist(which wasn't as good as KOTOR and a tad predictable) the game does seem the drag a tad with a bit too much familiarity. Don't get me wrong. Even at it's worst it is better paced than most games out there just not as good as the first 70% of the game.
- I got sloppy on the last level and missed a few audio diaries so I had to go back to get my achievement.
- The ending is ok. It's a bit short and abrupt but not bad. I got the good ending (saved all the little sisters). I went back to a save right before the last little sister and harvested her instead and played through to the end of the game. I still got the same good ending. Apparently you need to harvest a majority of them or something. No big deal I just watched the bad ending on youtube.
- The last boss was pretty easy.
- Watched the 40 min making of. Pretty interesting stuff.

Easily my favorite game so far this year. I rarely finish games this long but this one really is that good.

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