Monday, July 13, 2009

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 (bluetooth)

from left to right (Dell DH421, Presenter 8000, VX Nano)

- After picking up my macbook pro 13" I was looking for a good bluetooth mouse.
- The ideal mouse would be 5 buttons in the normal position, notched scroll wheel, full size, and laser. I didn't quite find that mouse but the Presenter 8000 comes pretty close.
- It's laser and tracks well on a variety of surfaces.
- It has 5 buttons but the forward and back are on the opposite sides and are a bit hard to reach which is partly due to its smallish size.
- The 4 way scroll wheel with tilt works well but is smooth instead of notched. I prefer notched for gaming but it does have a pretty good amount of friction to it.
- It seems to auto shut off but there is also a dedicated power switch on the underside.
- It paired just fine with the built in bluetooth on my macbook pro 13" and also my old Dell Inspiron 8600. No need to use the included bluetooth dongle.
- Uses 2XAAA batteries.
- Comes with a carrying case.
- Didn't need to install any drivers, and all the buttons worked. Even the volume buttons worked in presenter mode.
- Nifty laser pointer.
- It was quite the bargain for $38 shipped from amazon.

Highly recommended. It's not perfect but it is now my favorite bluetooth mouse.

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