Monday, July 13, 2009

iPhone 3GS Composite AV Cable


- So after finding out that my cheap $8 composite cables will no longer work with the iPhone 3GS I decided to finally pay the ultimate apple tax and buy the official apple composite cables. My local apple store was out of stock so I had to pay tax and shipping (thanks apple for offering free shipping on orders $50 and higher yet price the cables at $49, FU apple) which came out to around $57. Wow and these aren't even made by monster.
- I went with composite so it would be compatible with the most TV's out there.
- It does come with a usb charger to keep your phone charged while in use.
- Quality is pretty good for composite. The above example of Bolt was encoded using Handbrake and the standard iphone profile displayed on a sharp 52" LCD (52d64u). It still didn't look half bad blown up to that size.

I really wanted the cable but man apple sure makes you pay through the nose. Great cable, horrible price gouging by apple.

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