Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dell DH421 Bluetooth Mouse

- Bought a refurbished unit from ebay (just search dh421 on ebay) for $19 shipped. It's in great condition and looks hardly used.
- Setup was a breeze. It works perfectly with the built in bluetooth on my Dell Inspiron 8600 (yeah dongle free!). Just add new bluetooth device, hit the bluetooth button on the bottom of the mouse, it finds it, add it without a pass phrase and you are set.
- There is a dedicated on/off power switch on the underside.
- Some google research shows this as a re-branded Logitech mx510 bluetooth except I don't see this specific model anywhere on the logitech site. I own a few mx510 wired mice and they are quite different. Either way it is suppose to be a logitech optical engine.
- Full sized bluetooth mouse with 5 buttons (that are placed in the normal position I might add) and tilt scroll wheel. Everything works great without drives except the tilt so I didn't test that.
- Takes 2XAA batteries.
- Tracking is as good as you can expect but can't hold up to the latest laser mice like the Logitech VX Nano.

This would be the perfect mouse if it had an updated laser engine. Either way it's a great mouse at $19.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Iwas wondering if u could tell me how long lasts the battery ??? Thank You

Anonymous said...

Did you by any chance find a driver for this mouse? I bought one, but am curious about programming the middle and side buttons.

keoh (at) hotmail dot com