Monday, July 13, 2009

Case Logic 13-Inch MacBook Sleeve

- Fits the macbook pro 13" like a glove. It really is a perfect fit since it was designed specifically for it.
- Nice and cushy inside.
- Has a small pocket on front to hold your ac power adapter and a mouse or whatever.
- Inside that pocket is an even smaller pocket to hold usb flash drive.
- $26 at amazon.

Highly recommended. It's just the right compromise of size and extra pockets for accessories and fits the macbook perfectly.


Anonymous said...


Enjoying reading about your macbook experience as a new user. Mine is arriving today! About the sleeve... is that the one that's also called "Case Logic Casual Neoprene Shuttle"? It looks like it but just want to check as I'm about to buy one.



ARogan said...

It seems to look the same except the color.

Anonymous said...

Have since found out that there are 2 models... PLS-13 and PAS-13. the latter is the one specifically designed for the 13" Macbook Pro. They look v similar.

Macbook 13 said...

Case Logic macBook 13 is great, i have been using it for a long time.

Upbids said...

Great blog, I have the same macbook sleeve, i love it, its great. Thanks for the blog.