Monday, September 10, 2007

Halo 3 Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Limited Edition

- $60 from gamestop.
- I found it quite comfortable and secure. It comes with a different size ear loop thing but the default one was fine.
- Charges from any usb port.
- Good amount of buttons to easily power on/off, mute, change volume (which it remembers between power cycle), and controller position.
- Voice quality seems good to me (tested by recording a message and playing it back).
- Battery life is suppose to be up to 8 hrs (untested).
- Works great on the pc (winxp) with the wireless receiver. I set it up with teamspeak and the voice activation worked really well with it. The headset is really good at eliminating background noise, or even your breathing, and picking up just your voice.
- I hear this rev has some slight improvements over the early white ones. So far I haven't had any issues with connecting or voice quality.

I really like it so far and will probably use it equally on the 360 and the pc (mostly for teamspeak while playing Guild Wars). Since it serves dual purposes it helps with that crazy price tag. Highly recommended if a bit over priced.

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The Angry Intern said...

ya, got the windows version of the wireless headset. The receiver it came with even says it's for Xbox 360. Same headset, i've found it to be comfortable for quite a while. After about 3 hrs or so of continuous use, it starts t get a little uncomfortable but not enough that I need to take it off.