Monday, September 10, 2007

Xbox Live Messenger Kit - Chatpad (XBOX 360)

- $30 from Fry's
- Adds a bit more weight to the 360 controller but overall it's very well positioned and balanced. Your thumbs easily reach the keys.
- Keys are a tad smaller than the madcatz one so it takes a bit of getting use to.
- Backlit buttons are a nice touch.
- Changes the headset plug to a standard 2.5mm plug. This is why they also package in one of the new headsets with the in line volume/mute control.
- Tried it on the PC (winxp) and no go. Though the controller was confirmed working through the windows wireless receiver, I got nothing from the keyboard. Too bad since this could have made a pretty nice portable pc keyboard. Combined with: (haven't tried it yet)
It could have made a nice keyboard/mouse substitute.
- Warning: I've read that it doesn't work with Phantasy Star Universe (at least for now).

Recommended - Price is about right. It's just too bad it doesn't work with anything besides the 360.

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Prashant said...

Did you get it work in windows with Xpadder..??