Saturday, June 16, 2007

Project Sylpheed (XBOX 360)

- Tried the demo. Think wing commander + freespace + anime + last starfighter.
- I've played the previous slypeed games and those were rail shooters. This one isn't. It plays more closely to freespace.
- The graphics are very nice with LOTS of missile/engine trails all over the place. It's very colorful but sometimes it's hard to find stuff during the chaotic large scale battles.
- Framerate dips once in a while when things get really busy but overall not too bad.
- Controls were fine with the ability to invert the axis (unlike the crappy camera in FF 12). There's actually some depth. Maybe not quite x-wing level but maybe a bit more than wing commander.
- looks like it's going to have an anime style story (at least from the intro movie)
- The missile lockon system is just like after burner/panzer dragoon. You hold down the fire button, lock up multiple targets, then release to watch a swarm of missiles launch. It looks like a scene straight from Macross '84. Also, the first level special ability launches all your weapons just like death blossom. Come to think of it your ship looks kind of like a Gunstar. They even work in bullet time err slow-mo for the level 3 ability. There's a nice mechanic of these abilities using up your shield (along with afterburners) which does recharge overtime if you don't get hit.
- It seems like there will be nice progression of acquiring new weapons.
- There hasn't been a space shooter in a LONG time, and this one is pretty darn good. This is going to be a budget title at $40. I'll definitely be picking this up when it comes out next month.

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