Thursday, June 14, 2007

Prince of Persia (XBOX 360)

Check out the original on Apple II. Man the prince has come a long way

- 800pts on xbox live arcade
- It's the classic original Prince of Persia game play that you know and love with a complete 3d graphics engine overhaul with some of the aesthetics borrowed from Sands of Time.
- After the first few levels I can say the are pretty darn accurate to the original level layouts (well as much as I can remember them). The 3D graphics are beautiful yet the game play is still strictly 2D just like the original.
- Some of the blood and gore has been removed (especially some of the more gruesome deaths from traps).
- You've got the same one hour to save the girl.
- They made things quite a bit easier like icons on pressure plates and a butterfly to point you in the right direction. It also saves after every level, and has a few checkpoints during the level.
- The Prince is a bit more acrobatic now too with a few new animations like back flips and jumping off of walls. Overall this was more visual than having any major impact on the platform aspects of gameplay.
- Controls very well with the analog pad. They are spot on and precise.
- Combat remains largely the same with the same parry/counter rhythm. They added some sands of time like slow mow to give it a more dramatic flare and some cool dodge animations but overall it's pretty similar to the original.
- Some nice 3D in engine cut scenes have been added.
- full HD widescreen support.

This is absolutely how you take a classic and modernize it. It keeps all the core gameplay and level design of the original, gives it a shiny new coat of paint with a few minor gameplay/control tweeks, make it a bit more accessible to a wider audience, and you've got another classic in the making.

Highly recommended. Well worth the $10.

Now bring me Karateka!

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