Monday, June 25, 2007

Crush (PSP)

- A truly unique puzzle game unlike anything you have played before but with some familiar roots in Paper Mario and Psychonauts. It's a very nice mix of puzzle and platform.
- I'm on level 14/40. There is a lot of game play here.
- The ability to "crush" levels from 3d -> 2D from any angle really forces you to think in new directions.
- There's actually a nice story.
- The graphics, sound, story, and general presentation all give a nice cohesive appealing theme.
- The difficulty ramp up has been pretty good so far. There are check points within the level and there isn't much penalty for dying. Overall, most of the frustration is kept to a minimum.

Those who have been screaming for something original can stop now because this is it: addictive, fun, and engaging

Highly recommended!

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