Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Redoctane Guitar Hero Wireless Controller (PS2)

$60 with a free Dual Gig Bag
- These are the official ones made by the guitar hero developers
- Uses 3XAAA batteries. NiMH work fine.
- No lag, plays and feels almost identical to the wired version. Very responsive. About the same weight.
- the dongle that hooks up to the ps2 is pretty small.
- You can use two at the same time according to the manual.
- You know it's compatible because these aren't some cheap 3rd party knock off. Guitar Hero II works great with it!

Highly recommended if you just can't wait for the X360 version (which still isn't confirmed if it will be wireless).


Anonymous said...

Nice, but you cant buy them anywhere.

ps2 wireless controller said...

This ps2 wireless controller guitar is well equipped to use. The kids are loving and using this small compact one. Utilization and lookings are very simple, elegant, pretty.