Friday, November 24, 2006

Burger King Games (X360/XBOX)

- $4 at each with a purchase of a value meal. I ended up spending $27 total on food and games.
- Combo DVD. They work like the OXM discs in that they play on X360 or XBOX.
- You get achievements (200pts each game) and live multiplayer support. Pocket Bike Racer is actually not too bad a game and runs pretty smooth with up to 8 players over live. Sneak King is truly disturbing and is worth checking out just for the quirkiness. Do a flourish level 3 (boy those gears of war active reload skills are coming in handy) and get ready to be deeply disturbed.
- Big Bumpin is the weakest of the three.
- More importantly I finally got to try chicken fries which I have been interested in ever since fight night round 3. They're not too bad but I expected them to be more crispy.

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