Monday, July 13, 2009

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 (bluetooth)

from left to right (Dell DH421, Presenter 8000, VX Nano)

- After picking up my macbook pro 13" I was looking for a good bluetooth mouse.
- The ideal mouse would be 5 buttons in the normal position, notched scroll wheel, full size, and laser. I didn't quite find that mouse but the Presenter 8000 comes pretty close.
- It's laser and tracks well on a variety of surfaces.
- It has 5 buttons but the forward and back are on the opposite sides and are a bit hard to reach which is partly due to its smallish size.
- The 4 way scroll wheel with tilt works well but is smooth instead of notched. I prefer notched for gaming but it does have a pretty good amount of friction to it.
- It seems to auto shut off but there is also a dedicated power switch on the underside.
- It paired just fine with the built in bluetooth on my macbook pro 13" and also my old Dell Inspiron 8600. No need to use the included bluetooth dongle.
- Uses 2XAAA batteries.
- Comes with a carrying case.
- Didn't need to install any drivers, and all the buttons worked. Even the volume buttons worked in presenter mode.
- Nifty laser pointer.
- It was quite the bargain for $38 shipped from amazon.

Highly recommended. It's not perfect but it is now my favorite bluetooth mouse.


Adda said...
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Adda said...


Nice to hear that it is working with your dell built-in buetooth. I have just bought one and looking to find a way to let it work with the built in bluetooth (by the way I'm using an XPS dell laptop).
Waht do I have to make it work with the built it bluetooth ?

Thanks in advance,


ARogan said...

Addam, noting unusual. All I did was click on the bluetooth icon in the system tray, add a device, use a pen and press the little grey sync button on the mouse underside (you have to hold it down until the light flashes between green and red). After that it paired up just fine and started working.

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