Monday, July 13, 2009

Wenger Synergy Laptop Backpack by SwissGear

- Picket it up at when it was $55.
- My old Targus backpack has been through quite a lot and even has a small hole in it now. With the new macbook pro 13" I figure it was time for a new laptop backpack too.
- I did a bit of online research and eventually bought this backpack sight unseen.
- It's definitely not the lightest backpack but it isn't that bad for it's size.
- It has a ton of pockets. The laptop slot is in the middle and well padded for better protection. The case logic macbook 13" sleeve slides in nicely.
- I like how the side pockets are very deep and travel most of the length of the backpack.
- There is a nice little pouch in the center near the top to hold your music player. Inside there is a hole to route the headphones into the adjoining pocket and them up from there through the rubber headphone wire slit.
- I found it quite a bit more comfortable than my Targus. It has lots of padding around the shoulder straps.
- The handle seem very tough and re-enforced.
- From the reviews it sounds like it should last too.
- No waist belt but I never really liked those and thought those just kind of get in the way.
- Inside there is a base piece you can flip down to make the backpack stand upright.

So far I really like this backpack, and it's quite the looker too. I'll update this post once I get to try it out more in the field on a vacation.

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Naidra said...

This bag is really sweet! I like all of the features and pockets, but the AFT pack is really sweet too! Check the blog I wrote about it here:

Great post!