Monday, July 13, 2009

iPhone 3GS Composite AV Cable


- So after finding out that my cheap $8 composite cables will no longer work with the iPhone 3GS I decided to finally pay the ultimate apple tax and buy the official apple composite cables. My local apple store was out of stock so I had to pay tax and shipping (thanks apple for offering free shipping on orders $50 and higher yet price the cables at $49, FU apple) which came out to around $57. Wow and these aren't even made by monster.
- I went with composite so it would be compatible with the most TV's out there.
- It does come with a usb charger to keep your phone charged while in use.
- Quality is pretty good for composite. The above example of Bolt was encoded using Handbrake and the standard iphone profile displayed on a sharp 52" LCD (52d64u). It still didn't look half bad blown up to that size.

I really wanted the cable but man apple sure makes you pay through the nose. Great cable, horrible price gouging by apple.


Unknown said...

I have a 3Gs & Appel Composite AV cable model MB129LL/B and my Iphone says my cable is not compatible product??? What is you cable model?

ARogan said...

I ordered the exact one I linked in the article: MB129LL/B

Unknown said...

Ok. My cable was defect. At the Apple Store they replaced the cable and the new one works fine now.

ARogan said...

Glad you got it straightened out.

Michael M said...

Helpful to hear that the Apple Composite cables DO work with the 3GS. I was getting the same error as Stephane, and returned my cables. Ill try again with a new set of Apple cables. Hate that I have to go with the Apple cables though, since they are so hard to pull out. (too bad form won over function this time)

+1 said...

i know this isn't apple..sorry..

any thoughts about the zuneHD?

i'm getting one (not preorded
though)..the 32g version..

and the AV dock.. looks pretty

be seeing you

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if this cable enables whatever is shown on the iPhone screen to be seen on the TV or just video output?

I'm thinking about buying one of those pocket projectors for business presentations and am not sure if only video and pictures show, or all that is on the screen no matter the iPhone function at the time.

Your input is much appreciated!!

Fibre Optic Cabling said...

Thats just typical of a company that size, they know full well what sells in large volumes and work shipping around that - obviously they would never use their discretion and not charge you for the shipping, cos that would be too much like customer service!! Glad you are sorted out with the right cable now though!!

Steve said...

Is there a cable model for iPhone 2G? I only have this unit. I could not find it here in our local shops.

iPhone 3GS spy said...

I own an AV Cable plugged from my iphone (headphone jack) and the three other parts of the cable into the TV. Does anyone think this cable will work on an iPod Nano?