Wednesday, May 06, 2015

5 minutes with the Macbook 12 inch (2015)

So I happen to be in the apple store replacing my old iPhone 5.  The screen was starting to separate from the body due to battery swelling.  It's apparently a thing with the early made iPhone 5. Anyways, they replaced it in all of 10 min.  Gotta love apple support.

Anyways, I went to check out the macbook 12 inch.
- Amazingly light.  Weighs the same as my old ipad 3 and almost as thin
- The 12" form factor is smaller than my 11.6" cheapy acer windows laptop.
- Butterfly switches on the keyboard DO make a different. It feels really good for such a low profile keyboard. I did several rounds of typeracer.  I was at an awkward angle but still managed 75 wpm.
- The new touchpad really is amazing.  It feels like it's clicking but nothing moves.  I did it over and over again for my brain to try and process what is really happening. So weird but it totally works.  3 different levels of force adjustable in settings or you can go back to touch to tap if you want.
- Fired up quicktime.  Played a hobbit trailer.  Tried out the force touch thing to increase ff or rewind speed.  Works well.  Feels great
- Messed with the usb type c connector.  it's a nice reversable connector BUT not magnetic so with something this light if you catch the cable you'll yank the laptop right off.

Overall I was more impressed than expected.  It feels pretty responsive in my limited testing but that octane score isn't great.  My work laptop gets 29,142.  My acer c720 chromebook from last year is around 10-11K.  So 2 things I would want: Faster cpu option and at least 2 usb type c ports.  If it had those then this would be my favorite laptop by far.  For smaller projects it's probably fine but I could see it being frustrating for compiling larger projects.

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