Saturday, July 31, 2010

LifeGrip Silicone Case for Apple iPhone 4

- This is the "free" case from that cnet talked about. I use the word free loosely because they are obviously making a profit from the $3.73 shipping they charge. Still, it's a pretty dirt cheap case...too cheap....way too cheap in this case.
- It looks like crap; it feels like crap. It's very flimsy. It has a slightly baggy fit. The cut outs are mostly in the right place. The mute switch cut out was a bit off. It attracts lint like crazy. It will invert your pockets. The bottom is almost entirely exposed.
- At least the buttons are easy to press.
- It makes a great theft deterrent. Your phone will look so ghetto and nasty that nobody will want to touch it let alone steal it. If Gray Powell had put the iPhone 4 prototype in this case I'm sure it would have been safely left at the bar or thrown out with the dish water.

Not recommended not even for "free"

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