Saturday, July 31, 2010

Belkin Grip Vue iPhone 4 Case

Note: Photos taken back before powersupport iPhone 4 screen protectors were released. What is shown here is my iPhone 4 with a modified powersupport anti glare 3gs screen protector. I even punched my own hole for the front facing camera. That's why it looks so ghetto and doesn't quite fit right.

- $25 at best buy. It was one of the few cases available at launch.
- Your basic TPU case. I really like the feel. It's pretty sturdy yet has just the right amount of flex to it. It doesn't pick up any lint or invert your pockets.
- Looks great, thin, sturdy, offers pretty good protection. The entier case is clear except for the frosted back. I like the frosted back. Trust me. You don't want a clear back. When plastic meets glass it ain't pretty. You'll get this watery air bubbly looking mess.
- The cut and fit is really good. You may need to do the sharpie trick. I didn't bother.
- It may interfere with the screen protector and cause the edges to bubble. It happened a bit on my phone but not so much on my wife's.
- Buttons are WAY TOO HARD TO PRESS for power and volume. I never got use to it. It bothered me enough that I ended up returning the case. I would have kept the case if it wasn't for this one major issue.

Not recommended due to the button issue. Other than that it would have been a great case though a bit on the pricey side.

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Anonymous said...

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