Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Time Crisis 4 with Guncon 3 (PS3)

A LOT of screen real estate is wasted in two player mode:

Actually, It's better if you put the weight right behind the sensor. That way you can tilt the sensor to angle downward.

- I bought two copies at $50 each on amazon that way I could have two guns. I then flipped one of the copies of the game to gamestop for $28 back.
- Sensors mount by the use of a rubber strip and a weight on the end. It just kind of sits on your tv. Nothing actually attaches the sensor to the TV. The usb cord is plenty long.
- The Guncon 3 is ok. It's a little bulky with the handle/control pod that sticks out the left side. It also throws the balance off a bit when playing with one hand. Overall it's ok and still pretty light. The usb cable on the gun itself is a tad short. I ended up using some 6ft usb extensions.
- Accuracy is pretty good with the five point calibration system (which you have to do for each gun every time you start the game). It's not quite as good as guncon 2 but acceptable. You can still aim pretty well using the actual gun sights.
- I finished the arcade mode in less than 2 hrs. This was after repeated plays by my son who unlocked free play for me. It's classic Time Crisis, and I really enjoyed it (especially those helicopter levels).
- Two player is ok but that split screen is horrible and puts big black borders around everything. It basically turned my 52" LCD into two tiny 20" screens. Still I guess it's better than nothing.
- It's not backwards compatible with the earlier ps2 Time Crisis games (2 & 3) which sucks.
- The new complete "fps" mode is another story. It's weird that you control it like a standard dual analog stick fps yet you can still aim separately with the light gun. This means you control the camera view (right analog stick) independently of where you shoot. It's a bit awkward to say the least. You end up moving, adjust camera, stop, then aim and shoot. The player walks really slowly. Your health recharges if you sit there not moving for a few seconds. It really is slow placed and kind of boring. Oh and yeah your hands will hurt after while. Still it's quite a bit of additional content.
- There's also some target shooting mini games.
- Graphics are 720p and pretty sharp though not all that impressive or next gen looking.

It's expensive but performs about as expected. If you like light gun games this is about the only next gen option available (Ghost Squad on the Wii isn't really the same with the lack of sights on the zapper). I guess you can always try a G1 or TopGun in back compatibility mode on the ps3 with Time Crisis 2 or 3 if you really want. I've read it works on the ps3 I haven't had time to personally test the G1 yet.

Recommended only to die hard light gun fans.

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I got the same gun when I was a kid!! Still remember these sweet times. was cool!