Friday, January 19, 2007

Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo DS)

I started playing this but was surprised how involved you get with tapping the screen along with the music. Man it gets crazy hard. It's not very forgiving. You can be going along perfectly, miss two or three taps and it's very hard to recover. Some of these songs take more than 10 tries to complete. I just finished the baseball fire golem level on normal (I refuse to go to easy...nope not going to do it). These little stories are just way out there (which is part of the charm). Anyways, I found this little game surprisingly addictive.

I might have to check out the Japanese prequel.

I'm now on what I think is the final level. This level has multiple songs to it but unfortunately it doesn't save between songs. So if I turn off the DS I have to start back at the first song of the level again. It's kind of annoying.

Highly recommended to anybody interested in music rhythm games.

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