Friday, January 19, 2007

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception (PSP)

- I use to play and finish every Ace Combat game that came out but I've kind of fallen out of the series lately. I haven't played the last two on ps2. For some reason there seemed to be a spike in difficulty level since I had a hard time on normal difficulty.
- This PSP iteration is no different. I made it up to Mission 8 and got pretty much stuck on normal to the point of frustration. I ended up starting the game over on easy (which gives more free unlocked planes to start with).
- Plays great with the psp controls for once since you don't really need a second analog stick. The graphics are nice and clean. Good sound and music with a lot of voice radio chatter (enemy and friendly) that really adds to the atmosphere and story.
- Mission time is limited to 15 min.
- There are some interesting boss battles.
- Story is progressed through anime stills and voice overs.
- Something to hold you over until After Burner: Black Falcon is released.

Overall this game translated very well to the psp and is highly recommended to any Ace Combat fan. Just consider starting the campaign on easy.

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