Monday, December 25, 2006

Gun (XBOX 360)

- $20 at Best Buy while supplies last.
- finished in around 12-15hrs 100% complete including all side quests.
- A really fun approachable shooter/GTA in the west. The side quests are fun and actually improve your player stats making the story line missions easier. Tons (and I mean A LOT) of in mission checkpoints so you are NEVER frustrated or required to replay much of the game.
- Bullet time abilities makes combat a lot easier.
- Controls actually work better with a game pad. The PC version suffers floaty mouse controls which feels like a console game ported to the PC with no tweaking to the controls. It's like your mouse emulates an analog stick which isn't exactly like native mouse control. The 360 version is the best version to get.
- Graphics are adequate but pretty much just look like and up rez'd xbox game. It really didn't detract much from the game.
- Last boss was kind of tough and took some figuring out.
- I enjoyed the story. Lots of entertaining in engine cut scenes.
- Voices are too quiet and are a bit uneven in volume.
- I'm 50% done with Resistance, and yet I chose to start and then complete Gun first. That's gotta tell you something.

Highly recommended especially for $20.

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