Friday, December 08, 2006

Guild Wars Nightfall (PC)

$25 for nightfall
For in store I think you have to bring in the ad. I'm not sure if a print out will work.

also available online:

ok I've played quite a few hours with my paragon.
- I'm only level 7 now. You level MUCH MUCH slower than factions. It's not bad.
- You pick your secondary at level 5. I decided to go paragon/warrior
- I have two heroes now. First one is a warrior. Second one is a monk. Heroes don't have secondaries.
- It really helps to have a lot of skills unlocked because you can equip your heroes with any unlocked skills. Example I was able to give my heroes end game elites like hundred blades and word of healing even though they are pretty low level. So given that the person who brings the class of hero we want in the party should have a lot of skill unlocks for that class. Example, I should probably bring a monk hero.
- I bought some weapons for my heroes but I guess you don't customize them.
- You have 3 states you can assign each hero (attack, guard, avoid combat)
- You can set waypoints and heroes and henchmen will go there. So it's easy to keep them back if you want.
- There is a bit of a grind right around when you get to level six. Instead of earning faction you have to earn sunspear promotion points. You usually get 10pts for each quest you finish. You also get points by getting a blessing by talking to a sunspear scout (which lasts for 30min) and then going out and killing the specified creatures. You can stack these too. I'm at a point where the primary quest requires you to obtain a certain sunspear title. I've done most of the obvious quests. I guess I can go see if I can find some more.
- the story really hasn't even started yet. I think I've only had one co-op mission.
- I'm enjoying paragon more than I expected. Already I can tell I like these two new classes more than the faction ones.
- Got my pc gamer grey giant mini pet

- I've been playing slowly (about 2-3 times a week in 1.5hr sessions) since I originally wrote the above. My paragon is level 20 now and made sunspear general. It's a good game but I've just haven't had the time to focus on it much lately with all the new consoles. I'll try and write more about it in the coming weeks maybe months.

UPDATE: 2/12/07

Well after 3 months and 53hrs (on my paragon) we finally finished Nightfall.

The greens that you get as a reward at the end especially some of the staffs are quite nice.
The crafter items aren't that great.

There's still an elite mission to do now or we might take another character through. My elem is about half way through but I'm thinking about bringing my monk over for some of those nice elites.

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