Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3000

- I picked this up for $50 at fry's after rebate
- The laser mouse looks just like the MX 610 which I really like. The only thing it is missing are the email and IM indicator lights (which I could care less).
- There is a new version of the setpoint driver software (2.47) on logitech's website which works with many of the Logitech Products. It recognized the keyboard, the laser mouse, and the MX 518 that I had connected. You can configure each device independently. Also, it didn't interfere with the MS Natural Keyboard that I had connected on the PS2 port.
- I don't particularly like the insert,home,page up,delete,end,page down cluster of keys. It is orientated vertically instead of horizontally. The up side is it makes the keyboard a bit smaller so it fits better on your lap if you want to use it that way.
- Range was OK. I tested both devices across the room (8ft or so) and it worked fine as long as you position the dongle properly (which can take some trial and error).
- Each device uses 2XAA. NIMH worked fine.
- usb and ps2 support
- very little lag while gaming
- I prefer split keyboards for every day use but unfortunately the cordless split logitech keyboard comes with a very crappy mouse.

Take my favorite laser mouse, combine it with a pretty good keyboard, and price it right and you have a winner.

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