Saturday, April 29, 2006

Guild Wars Factions (PC)

I didn't have to install a thing (never inserted the cd). You just have to run guild wars, login, and enter the new key code. That's it and you are good to go.

I quickly created an assassin and a ritualist and played each through the intro mission. Assassin does feel a bit warrior ish and the ritualist definitely plays like a caster class. It's weird but it seems the spirits use ranged attacks but don't move (at least not the first one you get).

So to decide what to play I of course stripped them down to their undies and made each one dance for me. Ritualist wins the dance contest but I think I like playing the assassin more.

- $40 at best buy (after $10 coupon). I also got a free T-Shirt.
- I have a level 10 assassin and a level 10 monk.
- You pretty much get to start with a party of 4 with henches. You get a rez sig really early. You do level faster.
- I deleted the ritualist
- you can do all secondary quests AT THE SAME TIME. I ran through all of them in less than one hour
- I haven't picked my secondary yet.
- should be level ten if do all secondaries and the 3 or so side quests (pouch, captain zinghu, and the farmer west of tsumei village)
- 9 skill points
- you get into a major town quickly except at the very start you don't even have 50g to open up the storage so you have to do at least a quest before you can access that.
- don't forget to buy your bags and runes of storage to double the space in those bags. I used my other characters and went to frontier gate to pick up the runes.
- also don't forget to buy your first armor upgrade. I would skip the initial weapon trader and head to tsumei village for a better weapon.
- I gave each of my characters 10p. Wow, 10p sure does go a LONG way for these low level characters.
- They hand out exp like candy. You level MUCH faster in factions.
- I would say 2-3 hours tops to get to level 10.
- I still can't decide which character I want to play first.
- I've joined yet another guild. We'll see how long I stay in this one.
- Henches overall seem a bit better
- I have right around 190p. I did a little mino farming to make up for the new character startup costs. 404hrs over 10 months.
- I have to say I'm enjoying factions quite a bit so far.

- I took my elem/me across to Cantha (it only takes about a min)
- I picked up a bunch of new quests, did the first new factions primary quest (pretty cool new setting for a mission, on the roof tops of the city), and bought some new skills. Teinai's heat is pretty cool in that it acts like a burning ward around target foe. It doesn't seem to trigger the ai as far as I can tell. I was also able to cast it just outside of aggro range.
- For air I'm playing around with Lightning Hammer (very expensive lighning orb but doesn't require line of sight), and shock arrow which is a very cheap spammable spell. I lean toward using arrow more for longer sustain damage and to fuel aura of restoration but hammer does let you get in a very big spike combo at a high energy cost.

- my assassin/necro is now level 12 and sitting at the first co-op mission. I guess I'll play my monk up to the same point.
- no pre/post searing event as far as I can tell.

To Level 14 the quick and easy way (5/2/06)
- at the time you accept your secondary you should be at level 10. If you do all of the following:
pouch tanning quest, captain zinghu, revenge of the yeti in the mountains, and the farmer west of tsumei village. Also, do ALL the secondary quests. You can queue them up all at the same time and do them in one outting. I finished all secondary quests in less than 1 hour and you get massive amounts of xp.
- once you accept the secondary and do all the advance training quests + the headmaster quest you should be at level 12 at the first co-op mission
- after the first co-op do the lost treasures for bonus attrib and you should be at lvl 13 with +15 attrib.
- Now you can go back to the monestary and village for many more side quests that should have opened up. My a/n is already lvl 14 and I have not left the island yet (still doing side quests).

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