Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vakoss TK-853-BK Bluetooth Keyboard

- I picked it up at Fry's for $18 which is really cheap for a BT keyboard.
- I was thinking I would primarily use it with my iPhone 4 and maybe the Playstation 3.
- Pairing it with the iPhone was super easy. The iphone gave me a code to type into the keyboard and hit enter, and I was good to go.
- I tried it with Beejive, notes, and safari and it all worked very well. Even the multimedia buttons across the top worked controlling the ipod (pause/play, skip, previous, even the power button would wake the iphone out of sleep).
- The keyboard was nice and compact but still full size and easy to touch type on.
- It uses 2XAAA batteries.
- There is a connect button on the back to enter pairing mode but I couldn't find a power switch. That little blue LED always stayed on. It didn't seem like it would auto shut off even after a few hours.
- It has one serious MAJOR FLAW!!! There is an extra key on the home row before enter. That's right, the idiots decided to put "\" backslash in there where ENTER should be. What happens is your pinky will be hitting \ instead of enter about a billion times unless you make a really horrible unnatural stretch to hit that enter key.
- I was so disgusted with this flaw I didn't even bother trying it with the ps3 (though I bet it probably does work). I've already returned the keyboard.
- At least now I know having a BT keyboard with the iPhone is pretty neat, and I'll continue to search until I find a nice one.


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Pam Summers said...

I got the same BT keyboard today at Fry's in Indianapolis for $29.99. I guess they've gone up. You are right, though, it is a piece of junk at any price.

--there is no on/off function, even though there is a power button that does not do a thing; you have to take the batteries out to save the power draining out

--the ESC key is mushy, doesn't have the same tactile snap that all the other keys have

--and for me, the worst complaint besides the mislocated ENTER key as you pointed out, is the shortened SPACE bar located too far to the left. This means that everytime you hit SPACE with your right thumb, it will hit the ALT key... making me crazier than the ENTER key problem

This keyboard is pure crap and it's going back tomorrow for sure.