Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rubik's TouchCube
- I picked one up from cowboom for $15.
- It looks neat. If you could keep it going in demo mode it could be like a more modern lava lamp (the wife disagreed).
- The stand is also the charger. I have no idea how you would get to the battery though if you ever needed to replace it.
- It's not very usable. The cube constantly needs to know which surface is facing up for certain gestures to work properly. Sometimes it doesn't quite pick that up and shaking the cube a few times gets it working again. Gestures are a bit iffy and slow. It's a pretty frustrating experience if you actually wanted to sit down and solve it.
- Having it solve itself is pretty neat looking.

Even at $15 it's hard to recommend. The kids got a kick out of it for an afternoon though. If it could stay on in demo mode then it might be ok as "art." I'd probably pass and go with the rubik's cube iphone app instead which is actually more usable than this thing.

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