Saturday, July 31, 2010

Clear TPU iPhone 4 Case from ebay

Note: Photos taken back before powersupport iPhone 4 screen protectors were released. What is shown here is my iPhone 4 with a modified powersupport anti glare 3gs screen protector. I even punched my own hole for the front facing camera. That's why it looks so ghetto and doesn't quite fit right.

- I picked this case up for $5 shipped from ebay. It was a US seller so I got it in 3 days.
- It has a good feel. I really do like TPU cases. Fit, finish, and cut are pretty good. It's a little more flimsy than the belkin grip vue. The bottom is just slightly deformed and the center top bulges out just a tiny bit. But overall it's not half bad.
- All the buttons are easy to press.
- The back is completely clear. This is what happens when plastic meets glass:

Yup, it's a bubbly watery looking mess.
- I went ahead and did the sharpie trick. I wasn't sure if I needed to but it's not like I was going to return this $5 case.

You can't even tell once the case is on.
- It can potentially interfere with screen protectors. If you are careful you can take a dremel to the lip and sand them down just a bit. It seemed to help.

Recommended. For $5 you could do a lot worse. I like the feel, the buttons work, it was dirt cheap. I'll stick with this case until iSkin comes out with theirs unless I like the freebie case (I went with the Belkin Shield Micra. Hopefully they fixed their button issue) I get from apple which won't arrive for another month.

UPDATE: 8/3/2010
- Monoprice just got some back in stock for about $3 shipped. They should be very similar if not exactly the same as the one I reviewed here.

UPDATE: 8/21/2010
- I got the monoprice case in. It's very similar to the ebay case but it's a bit thicker. Also, it doesn't quite fit as well and the case can arrive a bit deformed. It's ok for the price but IMO the ebay one was quite a bit better.

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