Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Energizer Energi To Go iPod/iPhone Battery Charger

- Picked this up from for $15 + $5 shipping for two.
- Comes with 2XAA lithium ion batteries which are worth quite a bit right there.
- Basically, this device lets you use any 2XAA batteries (including NiMH rechargeables) to recharge your ipod or iphone on the go.
- The specs say to expect around 2 full charges for an ipod using lithium ion. On a recent camping trip I got maybe 1 good full charge for my iPhone 3G (2.2.1) from a set of NiMH. It comes in really handy when you need to charge your iPhone while in the field when there isn't an electrical outlet near by.
- It has a little blue led that flashes while in use.
- The dial on the bottom only adjusts the distance the connector is from the base to accommodate different size ipods/iphones. It has nothing to do with voltage, etc. I find one dot below 80gb fits the iphone about perfectly.
- The iPhone just kind of sits on the connector so you really have to leave it alone while it is charging. If you move it around too much it can lose connection. So while you can continue using your iphone while it is charging, it isn't ideal for that.

Highly recommended. It really saved me on my recent camping trip and let me recharge my iPhone overnight which I then promptly drained the next day while geocaching :-)

UPDATE: 11/4/09
- I find the connection a bit too touchy on my iPhone 3GS. You have to set it just right. If you move it just a bit, it could stop charging. Overall, this annoyance grew on me, and I ended up not using it a whole lot. Instead I recommend the Gum Pro instead.

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