Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Mobile Gum Pro Mobile Battery Pack

- Picked it up for $62 from
- Basically, it is a 4400mah lithium ion battery. It charges using standard usb mini jack. Then you can turn around and charge any usb device you have. You should be able to fully charge an iPhone 2-3 times.
- Should come in handy during camping trips, flights, etc. Pretty much anywhere you can't get to a power outlet.
- Using a cheap $3 4-in-1 cable you can also charge your DS lite, DSi, and PSP. Pretty much any device that uses a usb charging cable will work like sandisk sansa mp3 players.
- The power switch is a bit too easy to flip. I found it flipped on once while in my back pack and drained half of it's power. Best to put it in some sort of case or small pouch.

Highly recommended. It has lots of power for a reasonable price, super flexible and future proof letting you charge a plethora of devices. Sure, it isn't as compact as say a battery built into an iPhone case but I'll take the power, price, and flexibility over those other solutions any day.

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iPod Car said...

Since it is so small and light, I find this a much better remedy than having a one element power supply always connected to the iphone, making the iphone irritatingly heavy during use.