Friday, April 25, 2008

Monoprice 4X1 1.3b HDMI Switch

- I bought two of these at for $39 each. I'm using one with my samsung lnr-409d 720p 40" LCD HDTV and the other with my Westinghouse 24" LCD Monitor along with a kvm.
- The switches work great. I tested all ports at 1080p with no sparkles or issues.
- Nice remote with discrete input selection.
- Works great with my harmony remote.
- Pretty much everything I wrote about on the Monoprice 5X1 HDMI switch (REV 2.1) (look near the end of the post) applies here.

- What I really wanted to write about is (and no I don't work for them. I'm just a very happy customer) and how amazing their products and support are. I recently replaced all my vga cables across 3 kvm's that I have with monoprice ones, and I can really see the difference in quality. But what is even more impressive is the level of service. One of the 4X1 HDMI switches had a bad port (port #3) which showed sparkles at 1080p but not at 720p. I fired off a quick email to monoprice support requesting a RMA so I could exchange it. To my surprise within 3 hrs I got a response. They shipped a replacement with tracking # and also included a prepaid return ups shipping label. That's right. Without any additional prompting from me, forms to fill out, or anything, they just cross shipped me a new unit along with a prepaid return shipping label. I got the replacement unit that same week which works just fine. Another time they had shipped an order slight wrong (they shipped a few wrong cables). After a quick email they shipped the correct ones, and they just let me keep the wrong cables. I don't know of any other retailer online or B&M that has this consistent excellent level of support. It also helps they have great quality products at some really good prices too. I've been ordering from monoprice for years, and I tell you they have a loyal customer for life.

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