Monday, April 21, 2008

Dualshock 3 (PS3)

Dualshock 3 compared to the original six axis:

- I had pre-ordered it from amazon and got it for $50
- It's pretty much exactly the same as the original six axis except it has a bit more weight. I like that since it does feel more substantial in your hands.
- Tried it out with Lair with the new analog control/rumble patch. The rumble effects were pretty subtle. The analog control makes Lair suck less. Unskipable cut scenes even when you are repeating a mission because you just failed it really does suck. Uncharted has rumble support already built it and feels nice.
- It's also fully compatible with your PS2 games. I gave devil may cry 3 SE a try and the rumble effects felt fine.

Recommended if you feel like paying $50-55 for fixing Sony's "mistake" (can we say Immersion patent infringement) in the first place. I really missed rumble so I guess it was worth it to me but the price does seem kind of high.

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