Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nintendo DS Lite cracked hinge

- Well it finally happened. After almost a year the left hinge has cracked.
I'll use this post to track how well the customer service/repair process goes.
- I'm not sure how it happened because I take very good care of my DS Lite. I guess it just fractured over time due to cyclical stress fatigue.
- First I head over to their customer service site.
- Next using their warranty lookup page I check my serial number and YES I'm still under warranty coverage.
- Then, you fill out a quick short form, and that was it. No complicated procedures, no additional need of proof like the receipt, just basically the serial # and the month/year you purchased it in.
- I didn't even have to pick up the phone!
- They are sending me a coffin as I write this. So I guess they pay shipping both ways. Nice!

UPDATE 7/24/07:
- I did get it back on 7/10/07. It's all good. It took a while but the whole process was very hassle free.

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