Friday, June 08, 2007 - Web Based IM Client (wiki)

This is by far the best instant messaging web client. Works great behind corporate firewalls and proxy servers.

It solves one of the biggest problems with web based IM. It notifies you that you have a message no matter what state your browser is in. For example firefox, if the browser is minimized the title flashes in the task bar (hmmm only if the meebo tab is active though, darn) and rotates through the name of the person who sent the message and part of the message itself. It's very eye catching. This also happens on the tab if that tab doesn't have focus.

In the buddy list at the top right corner is a pop out button. It does a pretty good job of creating another browser window but making it look like a traditional windows IM client application. You can also pop out the chat windows too!

If you try and close the tab it pops up a warning message box so it's hard to accidentally close the tab. Man, they thought of everything. Very well designed site! It really does a fantastic job of mimicking a traditional windows application.

You don't even have to signup for a meebo account but I did. Makes signing into all your IM accounts easy.

You can also embed chat rooms and widgets that allow the ability to send messages.

here is a review:,1697,2142652,00.asp

The only thing I wish it would do is maybe make the firefox flash in the taskbar when it is minimized on receiving a message or maybe create some tiny tray notification application.

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