Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Geometry Wars (PC)

Captured using fraps which is why it looks a bit jerky. It actually plays at a smooth 60fps when not recording:

- Purchased over steam for only $2.50 (for a limited time)
- This is the most buggy PC game I have ever experienced. It plays pretty close to the 360 version when you can actually get it to work.
- Takes about 5-10 tries before you can even launch the game.
- Sound is all scratchy for some reason (audigy 2zs under winxp pro sp2)
- Supports many resolutions including widescreen but changing it will often cause the game to hang and then almost impossible to launch again.
- Trying to enable AA causes the game to hang.
- Entering initials with the keyboard causes the 360 Wireless controller to be dropped. Going back into the controller options menu, picking 360, and then backing all the way out to the main menu will regain 360 controller support for a while.
- Leaderboard is saved but only locally. No internet leaderboard support.
- Hard to say if they fixed the snake bug. From my limited play time it doesn't seem like it (so basically it's just like the 360 version).

It seems like I'm not the only one:

Great game on the 360, horrible buggy not even really playable mess on the PC. If they fix the bugs it would be worth the $2.50.

UPDATE: 6/28/07
- So after the update it seems the sound is fixed, the game launches most of the time, you can change resolutions now, but toggling AA still causes the game to hang for me. I also tried it on a laptop that has an ATI Radeon 9600 pro turbo (m10) and it ran fine.

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