Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sony Wireless Headphone MDR-IF240RK

I wrote this up about 3 years ago, and I still think this is a great product.

I picked these up at Fry's for $60 (you can get a better price online. about $50 shipped). I'm using this in the game room so I can finally hear all my games when the kids are asleep (they're right next door).


- it's IR so they are much smaller and lighter weight than the 900mhz RF ones.
- range is excellent (24 ft) and covers 180+ degrees. I can actually walk about a foot behind the transmitter and still get a signal. You can face any direction too without any issues.
- lots of inputs: 1/8 mini and L/R rca phono jacks so you can hook up pretty much any device even those without a headphone jack.
- cable/adapters included
- headphone runs on a single AAA batter. It comes with a NiMH rechargeable (35 hrs) which recharges right on the base. I like that it uses a standard AAA which I can easily use my own NiMH when the included one eventually dies
- sound quality is good if not great. I think stereo separation and the upper range are a tad weak. The best way I can describe it is a very good and clear FM radio station. No static or hiss. It's just fine for games and dvd's.
- 3 hrs and the headphones are very comfortable. It has a spring loaded head band so it auto adjusts. It has just the right amount of tension to fit snug but comfortably.
- there's a single volume switch on the right side of the headphone that adjusts sound for both channels.

Highly recommended!

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