Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time Pilot (X360)

- 400 pts ($5) on xbox live arcade
- the original graphics version is about as close to arcade perfect as you can get. The screen resize options are great and there is even a fix aspect ratio option.
- the sounds/music are slightly remixed (a bit of reverb thrown in) but other than that they are pretty close to the original
- all the achievements are really easy to get except one (get to 2001 without dying a single time).
- the enhanced graphics look great with some nice multi layer cloud effects, little bits fly out as enemies explode, and nice smoke trails on the missiles. The controls seem just a tad more sluggish on enhanced mode where as the original mode feels about perfect. Both still play great but when going for that high score I prefer the original mode.

- I tried a few multiplayer games over live
- You can only play vs in ranked matches. Co-op and vs is available in player matches.
- It's split screen. You are pretty much each in your own instance of the game. The only thing you compete on is score.
- In vs it's kind of cheap in that it usually benefits you more by staying in the earlier time periods longer (don't destroy the boss) to try and rack up more points.
- Both screens in the split are in sync. If there is lag you will see both halves lag even if you are the server. It's silly that your local half should lag at all. They should have made it async and just let the remote split screen lag. Overall, lag was noticeable but still very playable.

Overall if you are a time pilot fan this is well worth the 400pts.

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