Friday, September 29, 2006

Doom (XBOX 360)

I kind of collect doom games so it made sense that I immediately bought Doom on XBLA for 800pts ($10).

My Doom Collection:
Doom Movie DVD
Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil XBOX
Doom 3 Collector's Edition XBOX
Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil PC
Doom 3 PC
Doom Collector's Edition PC
Doom II PC
Master Levels for Doom II PC
Ultimate Doom PC
Final Doom PC
Doom GBA
Doom 3DO
Doom Saturn
Doom 64 N64
Doom Jaguar
Doom 32X
Doom PSX
Final Doom PSX

- It's doom. It plays great on the X360. The new 5.1 sound is nice.
- Some nice achievements
- 4 player split screen, 4 player over xbox live, co-op too!
- Controls are fine but I couldn't figure out how to remap the controls. I wanted to move the action button to a bumper but oh well no big deal. It's not like doom had that many controls (no jumping, no crouching, no looking up or down).
- All 4 episodes included
- I thought I would just mess around with it for a bit but I'm suprised how much I'm enjoying playing this 15 year old game.

Highly recommended for any Doom Fan/Collector.

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