Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Felt B16 2014 Triathlon Bike

I recently picked up my first Triathlon bike.  I got a pretty good deal off of craigslist.  The bike pretty much looked new.  Here are the things I've changed:
- New bike tape
- iPhone 6 stem cap mount (waterproof)
- Right side water bottle cage
- ISM PR 1.0 saddle
- Power bank for longer rides (fits in the fuelbox)
- Aero fuelbox
- Feedback bike stand
- Cycelops trainer skewer to work with my trainer
- Wahoo Blue SC (pulled off my Trek)
- Aluminum presta valve caps
- Shimano PD-R550 pedals
- I use Roadbike Pro app as my cycling computer along with the Wahoo sensors.

Everything is installed and ready to go.  Next, I plan to use the Bike Fast Fit app and do an initial fitting by myself and see how that goes.  After that I'll finally be able to spend some quality saddle time with my new toy.  This is my first ISM saddle but since amazon offered free returns on this model I decided to give it a try.  If it doesn't work out I still have my old selle italia saddle that I like for the most part.

UPDATE: 8/31/2016

Final setup:
- Specialized Wedgie Saddle Bag for those longer rides when I need more carrying capacity.  I take it off for race days.
- Wahoo RFLKT - Just the regular version.  I didn't need the features of the + model and it was a great value at $45.  I use it with Cycle Meter (elite $10) app on my iPhone 6 along with the wahoo bluetooth sc cadence and speed sensors and a mio link optical heart rate sensor.  All the sensors pair to my iphone which I keep in my back left jersey pocket and then gets sent to the RFLKT.  You have a ton of customization options through the cyclemeter app on what to display, position, size, etc.
- Now that my phone is in my jersey pocket I can't hear my tunes anymore so I added an iFrogz Audio Tadpole bluetooth speaker. I just clip it around one of my brake lines and then velcro cable tie it to the end of the aero bar so it doesn't rattle around.  With my phone controlling all aspects of the cockpit but with the screen off it only uses 5% battery on a 1 hour ride!
- On race day I don't use my iPhone or RFLKT but instead pair my sensors to my TomTom Spark Cardio watch.
- Bottle Rocket for hydration between the aero bars.  I really like this option better since it is really easy to reach, dirt cheap at $20, you don't have to break aero, and I can still use the rear transition hook on my ISM saddle to rack my bike.
Planet Bike SuperFlash Turbo Bicycle Tail Light
- Lifeproof FRE case for my iphone to make it waterproof.  This makes pretty much everything I have on my bike rides either waterproof or water resistant so no need to panic if I get caught in the rain.

So far I'm loving this setup and this bike.

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