Friday, December 06, 2013

PageFlip Cicada Bluetooth Pedal Automatic Page Turner and forScore iPad App


- $90 from amazon.
- I use my iPad for a lot of things and one great use is for piano sheet music.  There is a great app called forScore that I highly recommend.  I've scanned in quite a bit of my music as pdf.  It has full dropbox support, cropping so you can remove all margins to make the notes as big as possible (if apple ever makes a 14" iPad I would so buy it just for forScore), you can duplicate and arrange individual pages (makes handling repeats, first ending, second ending easier to navigate by just having to flip pages forward), and a variety of annotation tools.  It's really a fantastic app.  I just wish the iPad was a bit bigger but if you have good eyes you should be ok.  The other issue is page turning and that is where the PageFlip comes in.
- It's basically a 2X AA battery powered (or any mini usb power adapter.  This is a good quality one by motorola but you'll need your own mini usb cable.) blue tooth keyboard emulator with 2 keys which are the 2 pedals.  You also have flexibility on what keys are sent (like page up/page down, arrow keys, etc) when you hit those pedals.  You can also hit a button to force the on screen keyboard so you can still type for like searching (though forscore has this feature built in too).
- Now, I just put this pedal to the left of the piano pedals and use my left foot big toe to flip pages forward.  It takes a little practice to time your left foot for page turns but once you get use to it, it really works great.
- The pedals aren't very loud to me at least but if you are going to do performances or studio work or something you might want to check out airturn.  The proprietary not user replaceable battery turned me off though.
- Pedal quality seems fine.  I don't have any worries it's going to break or anything.

Highly Recommended.  If the idea of carrying around with you your entire sheet music collection in a iPad sounds appealing to you then get this thing.  I bet you could even pair this up with a pc and use it for push to talk on ventrilo but I haven't tried that yet.

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