Friday, August 20, 2010

Belkin Shield Micra iPhone 4 Case

- This was the free case I picked that you get from Apple.
- It's a hard plastic case. It has just enough flex to it to allow you to slip your iPhone 4 in. The plastic is pretty hard but doesn't seem too brittle. It would probably hold up pretty well.
- It's very thin and looks pretty good. The back where the glass meets the plastic can still leave some odd looking watery marks.
- The top and bottom are almost completely exposed.
- Space around the camera is good
- It does NOT interfere with screen protectors. The sides barely come up over the front of the screen.
- There are cut outs for the mute and volume switch. I found the volume switch a bit too recessed and hard to reach.
- It's very slippery. I feel like the phone is going to fly out of my hand.

Not Recommended even for free. It offers too little protection/coverage, and it's too slippery to hold.


Steve Robbins said...

What case do you recommend then? I work a lot and I don't want my phone to worry me. If you have something with a good grip, lemme know. Thanks! -Steve

ARogan said...

Hey Steve I like this case a lot:

Steve Robbins said...

Will check this out. Thanks,man!