Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stereo Bluetooth Receiver Jabra BT3030 Clone

- I bought this off of ebay from seller: andy_ou126 for $30 shipped
- These serve a very similar function to the bluetooth receiver from dealextreme. The difference besides costing over twice as much is the ability to charge through the standard mini usb jack while it is in use.
- Some possible application is hooking this up to say a home theater receiver or your car stereo 1/8" line input and then being able to play your music from your iphone or any other a2dp bluetooth device with the freedom of being wireless. Also, you never have to worry about charging the batteries since you can basically just leave it plugged in to the usb charger. Any car usb charger (not included) works fine too.
- My original idea was to use it in the car hooking it up to the 1/8" line input. It worked fine along with my iphone. There are a couple things that make it less practical. First, my car has a very nice handsfree feature built in. You can't pair the iphone with 2 devices at the same time (say headset on one device and a2dp on another). And trust me you really don't want to use this device as a handsfree set. Second, you have to turn on the device by holding down the function button for 3 seconds. It's not like you can get it to power on automatically when you turn on your car. Finally, it does auto power off once it is out of range of the iphone.
- The sound and build quality do seem a bit better than the dealextreme one but still kind of cheap feeling. Sound quality is fine and can get plenty loud. It's also a bit bigger.
- It's a pretty niche product but might come in handy if you have a situation like one I described above.

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