Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Geometry Wars 2 (XBOX 360)

- $10 on xbox live arcade
- I was a big fan of the first one though I could never get the million point achievement (hit 950K ish several times but never a million...ARG!!!)
- 6 modes of play, 4 player local co-op (no multiplayer over live). Each mode is well thought out. None of them are throw away. You are bound to find a few that you like.
- It's all about the leader boards now. By default it shows you the next person on your friends list that has your score beat (you can change this to your personal high score in the options though).
- I'm not totally digging the new multiplier mechanic. Instead of just killing enemies without dying you now have to collect these little green orbs that are released when you destroy enemies. I guess it adds another dimension where you split your attention between gathering multiplier orbs, crowd control, and survival.
- I really hate how they removed the different weapons (heavy/fast), and instead you are stuck with just the default weapon. This was the hardest thing to get use to coming from the first game. You still kind of get it in multiplayer power ups.
- In multiplayer you can either each have your own ship (with shared lives so nobody is just sitting around waiting if you die early) or you can have one person move and the other person shoot.
- The achievements are really great. It's a whole new way to play. I've gotten all of them except smile.
- I like the new music.
- The black holes are easier to destroy now and takes out any enemies near it.

Highly recommended. I loved the first one. This one takes several steps forward though with a few steps back.

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