Friday, June 06, 2008

Samsung Slim DVD Burner SN-S082H

samsung on the left, original nec burner on the right

- $52 shipped from newegg:
- Samsung SN-S082H support page
- So I was tired of the crappy nec burner that came with my Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop. It was slow and wouldn't even recognize my Verbatim DVD+R blank media which is my preferred brand.
- I recently bought several Samsung SH-S203N burners for a couple of desktop machines I built and they are fantastic. So I figured I would try one of their slim laptop burners.
- Installation takes maybe 10 min.
- First you need to swap the faceplate. Eject the tray by inserting a small jewelry screwdriver or paper clip into the manual eject hole.

- Next, there are some plastic tabs you want to push in on either side using a small flat headed jewelry screwdriver. Swap the face plates and just snap them back in place.

- Now it's time to remove the original dvd drive from the dell specific plastic enclosure. Remove all the screws. There are 7 in total and they are different sizes so be extra careful to keep track of which screw goes in which hole.
- 2 screws on the back

- 2 on the smooth side:

- 2 on the angled side (one facing toward the side and one facing up)

- The one facing up was holding a little rectangular box which you can now slide out.

- This reveals the final screw which is down this deep hole on the side and is a bit difficult to spot.

- The drive should just slide out now

- Just swap the drives and put everything back together. The new drive looks perfect:

- I tried a few burns and it works so much better. 8X max so burns take around 10 min which is fine.

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